At Rodillian school we are keep to open our pupils eyes to Europe, to the world and in the Rodillian MFL department we can do that via language learning and educating our pupils culturally. At the moment we only offer Spanish and French on the Curriculum. This plan is set to remain. However, as of September 2009 we will be running after school classes in additional languages. These will run for approximately 12 weeks (2 half terms) and a certificate will be awarded on full completion of the course stating that a pupil has studied a certain language and achieved a certain level of proficiency at "ab initio" level.

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The first language to be offered will be Finnish, the language of Finland. There are already some resources and information on our Rodillian MFL Weblog for you to look and listen to to see if you might like to join our exclusive club. There is a page of entries with information about Finland , including a couple of amazing photostreams of the Northern Lights.

Letters/emails offering these courses will be issued in the Summer Term with classes starting the 2nd week back in September..