This page contains many links which will take you to websites and various safe programs which you can download to source MFL
audio and visual resources. Some of these may be blocked on both your home and school networks. Explain to your parents the importance of accessing these sites perhaps with supervision.

Remember of course that many of your finds can be added to your iPods and iPhones.

Seeqpod - podcasts
iTunes - some excellent MFL podcasts, music and videos, many are free, I think all the podcasts are.
Docstoc - e-books - podcasts
Odeo - video and audio resources
Dailymotion - videos on various topics in MFL, news, cartoons, sports, music etc
Youtube - videos on various topics, slideshows, music, news channels, MFL TV
Scribd - ebooks
Vodpod - videos and podcasts
Slideshare - slideshows on many parts of MFL education