What is the European Day of Languages?

The European Day of Languages (EDL), a Council of Europe initiative, is held annually on the 26 September to celebrate language and cultural diversity. The Day was first celebrated in 2001, the European Year of Languages and involves more people every year.EDL aims to:

§ To alert the public to the importance of language learning

§ To increase awareness and appreciation of all languages

§ To encourage lifelong language learning

Most events and activities are held on the day itself, but some people extend the celebrations over two or three days and others even have a whole week of language-related events. Whether you decide on a single activity or a how series of events, there are a range of resources to help you make the day special.

Click here for more information, free downloads and free goodies to support your event.

Click here for a PowerPoint teaching children “hello” in lots of different European languages

A European Hello PowerPoint