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Joe Dale is a Lead Practitioner his aim to spread the integration of ICT into the MFL classroom. Below you see his Biography and the link to his own blog. Also type his name into Google and prepare to be amazed at the sheer enthusiasm of this leading educationalist.

"I am a full-time French teacher at Nodehill Middle School on the Isle of Wight. I have created many ICT based exercises in line with the QCA scheme of work, including Hot Potatoes, Hangman, Fun with Texts, Spellmaster and TaskMagic activities. In addition to these customised exercises, I also use a selection of freeware from France.
I am a Lead Practitioner for The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and a member of the ICT special interest group for the Association for Language Learning. I lead sessions in the use of ICT to enhance the teaching of MFL at various national conferences (Linguascope, The Language Show, BETT and ALL’s Language World). I write the ICT update section of the Languages-ICT website created by BECTA, CILT and ALL aswell as various articles for the BECTA ICTadvice e-newsletters and the Times Educational Supplement. I have also designed game templates for the Heinemann MFL course ‘Expo’.

I feel that the use of ICT in French has greatly helped pupils across the ability range. They are motivated by ICT and enjoy using the school’s computer networks and the interactive whiteboard. ICT has helped their word recognition, spelling, understanding of word order/sentence structure and general grammar awareness. The French department in my school received an outstanding report from Ofsted in 2005 deeming the provision of French as ‘excellent’.
As a trainer, I am keen to provide a comprehensive overview of how ICT can be integrated practically and effectively into the MFL classroom for the benefit of all